Easy Iced Chai & Cafe Mocha Protein Lattes

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I don’t care how braggy or pompous or unapologetic I sound right now: I make a damn good protein shake. If I were on a dating show, my bio would read “April: 29 | Loves functional strength | Hates ranch dressing | Makes a damn good protein shake”. I make protein shakes so good that they don’t even taste like protein shakes, they taste like coffee shop creations.

Better still, these iced protein lattes take all of TWO MINUTES to whip up in your blender bottle. With warmer weather on the horizon, I am out here saving your gain-loving squat booty. Next time you’re shake-weighting your blender bottle, I want you to think of me (and send me a pic of it on Instagram!)

Most humble recipe ever? *Slides down sunglasses* I think so!


Macros are listed using the ingredients I recommend below. Variations of protein powder, milk, etc will change the macros.

CAFE MOCHA: 140 Cal | 3g Fat | 21g Protein | 7g Carb

ICED CHAI: 159 Cal | 2g Fat | 21g Protein | 19g Carb

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cafe mocha

Protein Latte

  • 4 ounces cold brew coffee

  • 4 ounces preferred milk (See my rec in notes)

  • 1-2 scoops Mocha or Chocolate protein powder

  • Ice

iced chai

Protein Latte

  • 2 ounces chai tea concentrate

  • 6 ounces preferred milk (See my rec in notes)

  • 1-2 scoops vanilla protein powder

  • A couple shakes of cinnamon (optional)

  • Ice


  1. Add all ingredients to a shaker bottle and shake until well-combined.

  2. Enjoy protein lattes right out of your shaker bottle or pour them into an Instagrammable tall glass garnished with seasonal flowers.


Milk recommendation: CALIFIA FARMS is my top choice. All plant-based varieties taste great but the unsweetened vanilla or toasted coconut almond milk are my favorites. They’re incredibly creamy with manageable calories.

Mocha protein recommendation:

Optimum Nutrition Mocha Cappuccino is a whey protein blend that mixes very easily and has a rich coffee flavor.


Vanilla protein recommendation:

I Heart Macros is also a whey protein that prides itself on easy digestion. No artificial flavors in this stuff and it blends beautifully without becoming frothy or heavy.


Favorite chai tea concentrate:

Third Street Honey Vanilla Spice, also available at Natural Grocer and Whole Foods. Rich and concentrated, a little goes a long way.


Favorite cold brew:

Chameleon Cold Brew’s regular blend or their Mexican Spice concentrate are both so good (even for a coffee snob!)