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life after Boiled chicken + broccoli

When you’re done with quick fixes, drastic diets, bland meals, and flimsy health promises, you’ve come to the right place. I’m April, and I want to make healthy choices more approachable in your life. What’s for Meal Prep has the guidance you need to start maintainable habits that work FOR LIFE. Dig in and level up!


Lettuce Is
Not a Tortilla!


If you’re dieting or just want to improve your nutrition, food swaps are a great way to do that. One problem though: Some of them suck!

Snag my latest e-book, Healthy Swaps That Don’t Suck. It’s full of PRACTICAL & TASTY swaps that will add protein (to keep you full), fiber (to pack in micronutrients), and water (come on, we all need more water!) Many of these swaps are so stealth, you won’t even notice them.

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