I've Rebranded! Introducing What's for Meal Prep


Here’s a part of growth that we don’t talk about enough. Growth sometimes requires us to let things go: Heavy things, dead things, things that no longer serve our purpose, things that drain us, things that are painful. Fueling Function will always have a special place in my heart. It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever started but also the most rewarding. (I’m finding that… such is life. The best things in life almost always come out of struggle.)

But It’s Time

I’ve wanted to rebrand since spring of this year. I sat on it. People I trusted gave me advice in both directions. But ultimately, this gut feeling never left me; I had to trust my gut. Now that it’s here, I feel revitalized. It feels exactly where I want to be. Even though there’s a lot of work to be done in the rebrand (mostly redirection crap on the back end), it’s worth the peace of mind I feel now that my brand fully aligns with what I seek to provide.


On Function

I chose to let go of “function” and go all-in on “fuel” because food’s where I thrive. This blog is a resource for inspiration and application. And since early on, sharing approachable recipes that hold up for the week is where you’ve found the most value and where I feel like I’ve carved out my happy space.


May your santoku be sharp and your dishes be light on this very special meal prep week. And if you’d like take a stroll down memory lane, here are some of the fondest memories that Fueling Function gave me. CHEERS!



Introducing What's For Meal Prep | Rebrand 1

Introducing What's For Meal Prep | Rebrand 2



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The Burrito Bowl WFMP

My very first photoshoot. I have since graduated to 35lb kettlebells!

My very first photoshoot. I have since graduated to 35lb kettlebells!

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